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For Sale: Stanleytone 50th Anniversary Deluxe Frank Neat Banjo






Stanleytone 50th Anniversary Deluxe Frank Neat Banjo. Mint pristine condition. Only 50 of these exquisite banjos were commissioned by the legendary Ralph Stanley to commemorate his fifty year milestone in the music industry. The banjos were made by master luthier Frank Neat of Kentucky. Of the fifty produced, only a very rare few were the deluxe model. The Deluxe model had upgraded antique binding on the neck and resonator as well as an intricately inlaid flower purfaling in the rear of the peghead. The rear of the resonator features a hand painting of the legend, Ralph Stanley. The Amber/Tortoises color tuner buttons were another deluxe model feature. There are RR 5th string spikes at the 2nd and 4th frets.

This highly ornate instrument is a top-of-the-line professional stage/studio hi-grade model with tone and volume to match its stunning appearance.

Ralph performed on stage many times with this banjo and personally autographed the interior resonator as well as appearing in a photograph with me and the banjo. I am the original owner of this banjo and the purchase price then was $7,500.00.

For the collector, this is an opportunity to own a rare instrument of significant historical importance from one of the legends of American music. For the working musician, this is a superior hi-grade banjo that offers exceptional tone, volume and ease of playing.

This banjo comes with the original hardshell case and a sturdy/secure strap. The tone and volume are unmatched.

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Price: $7,500.00 USD

Shipping: Free shipping

Posted By: es0098

United States, PA, 17202

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Mint Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Stanleytone

Ad Status: Active, #66372

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