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For Sale: Restored Banjo Looking for a new Home with case and music books






I had this banjo restored by John Calhoun of the Old Town School of Folk Music in the 1980s.

It is in excellent shape and sounds great.

Banjo Characteristics:

Open Back Banjo with a Dowel Stick securing the neck to the rim
Neck at Nut: 1-3/8"
Scale Length: 28" [typo corrected]
Rim Size: 11-1/4"
Rim Type: Spunover Brass Rim
Head Diameter: 11"
Head Type: Mylar
Crown Height: 2-1/4"
Reinforced Fingerboard (for steel strings)
Manufacturer: Dobson *
Date of Manufacture: Unknown

*John Calhoun (musician & instrument maker/repairer at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago)
restored this banjo for me in the 1980s. John said that although he was not 100% certain, based on his
knowledge and experience with banjos, he felt that this banjo was a Dobson. The dowel stick that fastens
the neck to the rim has the serial number 1437 stamped into it

I'd like to find a new home for this banjo where it will be played and bring joy to both players and listeners.

This banjo comes with a like-new carrying case (hard) and three banjo music books:

Tenor Banjo Method (Mel Bay)
Encyclopedia of Banjo Chords (Mel Bay)
Classical Banjo (Al Jeffrey)

Interested in buying this banjo?
to arrange purchase

Price: $750.00 USD

Shipping: Estimated: $30 to $40 plus insurance if not covered

Posted By: collinspe

United States, Chicago, IL, 60625

Contact Info: E-D-C
P O Box 25548
Chicago, IL 60628
Voice Mail: (847)-582-3193

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

More Info on this Banjo

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Dobson, H. C.

Ad Status: Active, #66125

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