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For Sale: 1970s Iida Model 233 tenor banjo made in Japan w OHSC






Here's a nice vintage, circa 1970s, Iida model 233T (based on looking at old catalog pictures), made in Japan with the original hard case. The 233 was just below their "MasterClone" models and much better than their lower models. Has a 20 hole flathead tone ring, two coordinator rods, 24 hooks, bound resonator with a single ring inlaid on the back, laminated wooden pot (looks like about 11-12 layers, and some of the inner layers are darker than others), clamshell tailpiece, mahogany neck and resonator. Original Remo USA head has "banjo made in Japan" stamped on it, to avoid confusion. Nice inlays. You can contact me for additional pictures as I have plenty. Decent action and sound. There's some dust and minor pitting on some of the metal parts but nothing serious and no significant wear to the frets or finish. There's a small area along one edge of the resonator where there's some whiteness in the finish and I've seen that on some other Japanese instruments from the era. Could be a good 5 string conversion candidate or a bargain tenor from an era when the Japanese makers were definitely stepping up in quality. Original hard case is in decent shape, although the aluminum-colored plastic rim on the lid has shrunken a bit. I'm asking $295 OBO plus $30 ground shipping in the CONUS; elsewhere contact for a quote.

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Price: $295.00 USD

Shipping: $30 to ship in the CONUS; elsewhere contact for a quote.

Posted By: jkchrom

United States, Prescott, AZ, 86303

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

Type: 4-String

Brand: Iida

Ad Status: Active, #65359

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