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For Sale or Trade: Williams banjo

Williams banjo has Kulesh big 10 ring in it and new gotoh tuners. HERE IS THE ORIGINAL AD

Un Played Condition Williams Floor Sweep Banjo 'Sold'

This is a new, unplayed banjo, but resonator, neck, and rim were produced circa 2008-2010. This banjo is called a "Floor Sweep" because it is the 26th banjo produced with same parts as Williams' Kenny Ingram Model, but without the plaque, without Kenny Ingrams signature, etc.
Around 2010 or 2011, Will Williams had satisfied the production of 25 Kenny Ingram model banjos. These all had the same formula of old wood rim, Burlile unplated tonering, Gill resonator, Hatfield neck, and mostly Prucha metal hardware. After this run was completed, Will Williams sold Greg Boyd these parts, calling it "Floor Sweep Kenny Ingram". This is an affectionate term that specifically means the same thing as the main run, but after the main run has closed. This means it's not an official Kenny Ingram with full serial number, plaque, and signature, but is sold at a tremendous savings and is the same sounding banjo.
Mahogany banjo with single white bindings on top and back of resonator and along fingerboard. Double-cut peghead with Flying Eagle inlay pattern. Blank pearl block at 21st fret. Concentric circles in back of resonator. Beautiful pre-War style H&K tuners with Schaller 5th, all with matching ivoroid buttons. This banjo has some polite yet long finish checks in back of resonator. This happened when resonator was brand new and just finished. Because of this one blemish, the banjo has been discounted approximately $300 less than it should be.
At the time of this writing, we have two official Williams Kenny Ingram models, number 16 and 20, and have just sold one of the Kenny Ingram prototypes. This Floor Sweep model sounds every bit as good as the official ones that we just mentioned.
w/ HC

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Price: $2,500.00 USD

Shipping: 100

Posted By: Goldstarman

United States, Harrisburg, NC, 28075

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Good Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Williams

Ad Status: Active, #63225

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