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For Sale: Morgan Monroe MNB-2W Flathead banjo



5th sting capo


with case




Morgan Monroe MNB-2 Flathead Banjo

This is an EARLY model Morgan Monroe MNB-2W banjo, serial #00550. The wood is in mint condition. The metal is could use a polishing if you are into that! I like the patina.
I contacted the company to get some info on this banjo. They said it was a highly sought after model. I can see why, great quality and tone, especially after set up. It is is all original except for the new bridge, 5th string capo, 15th fret inlay and case. I had it professionally set up by banjo builder Randall Wyatt of Searcy, AR.
The rim was finished under the tone ring from the factory and it half killed the tone. After Randall Wyatt turned the rim and did the entire set up the banjo came alive. I am sitting here playing my 1976 Gold Star and the Morgan Monroe back and forth and this Morgan Monroe is just a hair under the Gold Star and this is an awesome Gold Star. Many thanks to Randall Wyatt who set them up.

Hard shell case included.
Strap not included.

MNB-2 Professional 24 Bracket 5-string Nickel Banjo:

Tone Ring: 24 hole diecast bell brass tone ring
Flange Assembly: 2 piece tube and flange
Tuners: 10 to 1 gear ratio Ashton Bailey planetary tuners
Resonator: 14" Curly Maple Resonator
Inlay Pattern: Abalone Wreath Pattern Inlay
Fretboard: Rosewood, no visible wear
Bridge: Wyatt bridge
Frets: 22 Nickel Silver, hardly any wear
Hardware: Nickel

Made in Korea.

If you want to hear it check the sound file on my banjo hangout page (BanjoGlen33). It's not a great recording but you can hear the banjo.
I hate buying a banjo without hearing it!

Glen Meade

Interested in buying this banjo?
to arrange purchase

Price: $500.00 USD

Shipping: Shipping and Handling 65.00 to lower 48 States.

Posted By: BanjoGlen33

United States, Heber Springs, AR, 72543

Contact Info: Glen Meade
407 Colonial Dr.
Heber Springs, AR 72543

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Morgan Monroe

Ad Status: Active, #63123

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