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For Sale: Bryant Skirtless Ring Banjo for Sale






Don Bryant is a skilled banjo luthier in Thurmond, NC. He is a builder of high-quality banjos and a member of the BHO. A few years back, he
developed a new flathead tone ring with no skirt that he calls, appropriately enough, the Bryant Skirt-less Tone Ring. This design permits the ring to
rest on top of the wood rim. Since there is no skirt surrounding the rim, the ring is not inhibited from vibration by a rim that swells due to
absorption of moisture in humid conditions. As a result the sound of the banjo remains consistent whether in dry or humid conditions. This banjo is
the first one that Don made with his new ring and it is outstanding. It is the nicest banjo I have and sounds better than anything else I own, but I am
selling it for personal reasons.

The banjo has a 1928 pre-war rim and a Bryant maple speed neck and resonator. It is the prototype for these banjos and therefore has Don's #1
ring in it. It is first-class all the way around, and should be played professionally. It really is that good. For a lot of good information about this
banjo, including a sound file, do a BHO search on Bryant skirtless tone ring. The banjo is exactly as it was when I purchased it from Don, except for
the strings. The strap is not included with the banjo. When the sound file was produced, it had a Hot Spot bridge on it, which was not on it
when the photos were taken. It will be shipped with the Hot Spot bridge on it.

Interested in buying this banjo?
to arrange purchase

Price: $2,200.00 USD

Shipping: Assume $80 for shipping and insurance via USPS. Any excess will be refunded to buyer.

Posted By: eMike

United States, La Grange, KY, 40031

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Bryant Banjo

Ad Status: Active, #62891

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