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For Sale: Banjo Bass! (14" pot, electric bass neck)






Hey guys, I haven't been around the forum much in the last couple years. I made the switch to bass and have been concentrating on (What's so funny? You can TOO focus on bass! I mean.... mostly just two notes at a time, but uh...) that.

Speaking of bass, this is one a friend and I dreamed up and made as an experiment. It's got a 14" pre-tensioned Remo hand drum for the pot. The neck is from (I think) a Japanese copy of a Fender bass. Possibly a Fernandez neck guessing by the headstock shape, but I really can't say for sure. The neck is nice though, with very little fret-wear, an adjustable truss rod and good tuners. It does have some nicks on the back of the neck (nothing too serious) and a chip out of the headstock though. Not that it affects play-ability. The neck and pot are joined with a typical four bolt neck joint to a piece of maple that runs through the pot serving as a dowel. The "dowel" is secured with an L-bracket on one end and with a strap button on a lag bolt (through an vintage arch-top guitar tailpiece) on the other. The bridge is also from an archtop guitar and the saddle has been modified to accommodate the bass strings. The strings are Fender nylon bass guitar strings (the lowest tension I could find locally).

Sure, some of the touches are a little crude (like the L-bracket and the unusual stringing pattern caused by the guitar tailpiece) but this thing is a ton of fun to play. It's not super loud but will hold up in a small jam. I mainly just played it around the house with friends. I used a guitar pick and could be heard. Holding the pot is a little awkward so I usually used a strap. All of the hardware is good quality from what I can tell (and nearly all of it came from Stew Mac). It holds tune and the action is adjustable with the repurposed archtop bridge. There are two pins on the dowel and some nicks between them where a pick up was installed (wasn't as cool as I thought it would be) for a minute. I've tried to include pictures of all the details, but if you need any additional ones, let me know.

I'm asking $200 (which is basically the cost of just buying the parts) but I realize this is a specialty item to say the least, so I'm negotiable. I'm thinking that unbolting the neck for shipping would be the easiest way to go and am asking $25 for that. I imagine it will actually cost more than that, so I'll be paying some on it too. If you have any questions, shoot me an email.

Interested in buying this banjo?
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Price: $200.00 USD

Shipping: $25 - carrier negotiable

Posted By: Rizo

United States, Athens, OH, 45701

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Good Condition

Type: Other

Brand: Hand made

Ad Status: Active, #62743

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