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For Sale: For Sale Long neck Baldwin/Ode




inside of pot


side view of pot


serial number 313


Baldwin/Ode longneck

Long neck openback aluminum pot Baldwin/Ode banjo. I've listed it as fair, but I give it a fair/good. It has the patina to match its serial number (#313). I don't have my Ode numbers list, but I am guessing 67 or earlier. Please correct me if you find it otherwise. I considered cleaning it, but I felt it would take away from its natural aging. The hooks have lost their shine over the years so it didn't seem necessary to shine up the aluminum pot . The peghead tuners are original, but not the fifth string tuner. I had to find an Ode tailpiece for it, and am not sure if it is what would have came on it new. I do not have a case for it. I've been looking for one, but thought it would be easier for the new owner to decide what to get for it. All in all it's a pretty cool example of Baldwin/Ode folk times!

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Price: $550.00 USD

Shipping: buyer pays actual shipping. USA only

Posted By: okbanjobill

United States, FL, 33881

Contact Info: cell 405-570-6658

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Fair Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Baldwin ODE

Ad Status: Active, #61916

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