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For Sale: Kevin Enoch 11" Mahogany Tradesman and All Accessories







Due to some issues outside my control I am required to sell my banjo and accessories.  All items were purchased in June 2016 and are in new condition.  I purchased the Banjo from Elderly for a banjo camp, played it at the camp for a few days and it was never used after that.  All books and DVDs also have never been used. 
The bottom line is that the condition of all of the items listed are exactly as if you you were purchasing from a retailer new.  All of the items listed are being solid as a "LOT" and I do not want to split anything.  It all goes together. I can provide photos for all items that I have not provided a photo for to serious buyers.  This is a complete old time banjo instrument and instruction setup for a serious motivated new old time player or as player looking for a very good old time banjo. 
I purchased the items listed below of $1,784.  I will sell the complete LOT for $1,300.  The cost of shipping will be split between the buy and the seller. 
The following items are included in the LOT:

- Kevin Enoch 11" Mahogany Tradesman w/Enoch Softcase (Purchased for $1,220)
- The "Tradesman" is a basic no frills banjo. They are made with high quality materials and workmanship and available with 11" and 12" rims.
- The neck of this banjo is mahogany with an adjustable truss rod. The neck's shape is designed to be similar to some of the early Dobsons.
- The fingerboard are Richlite, a jet black man made material.
- The geared tuners are the standard with black plastic buttons.
- The rim is multi-ply maple with no tone ring and a black finish. The head supplied on this banjo is the original standard REMO "Renaissance" heads installed by Kevin Enoch.

Some comments and testimonials regarding Kevin Enoch's banjos:

"Just a delightful instrument."
  -- Adam Hurt

"Kevin Enoch's banjos are works of art. They play and sound as great as any of the old classic open-backs I've seen, and they're just beautiful to look at."    
--Bruce Molsky

"Kevin Enoch makes banjos with an eye for detail not seen since the turn-of-the-century. Their impeccable craftsmanship and flawless design rivals anything on today's market."
--Bob Carlin

"My Enoch Banjo has the sound, the balance and ease, the beauty and quality I had dreamed of, but not (previously) found. In short, it has soul!"
--Paul Brown

"Kevin Enoch blends form and function as well as anyone I have ever seen. He is making the great old banjos of the future."
--Joe Newberry

"Kevin Enoch's banjos are among the very best being made today. He combines a deep knowledge of the musical aspects of the instrument with enormous woodworking and artistic skill."  
--Dirk Powell

About Kevin Enoch Banjos:
Kevin Enoch, founder of Enoch instruments, has been involved in playing as well as making banjos and other stringed instruments since 1984.
Enoch Instruments was formally established in 1990. Kevin's goal is to create an instrument designed for clawhammer playing, embracing the aesthetics of the great banjo makers of the early 20th century.
Kevin's love for the music, as well as his craft, is apparent in the degree of care and precision he puts into every detail of these musical masterpieces.
From Kevin: "I am personally dedicated to presenting only the finest quality banjo. My commitment ... to create banjos that play and sound as beautiful as they look. I feel confident that my instruments will satisfy your every expectation."

- Superior Deluxe Bump Style Case (Purchased for $120)
- Shubb S5 Deluxe Capo ​(Purchased for $22)
- 5 String Mike's Mute (Purchased for $37)
- GHS PF-170 Strings (Approximately 10 sets) (Purchased for approximately $40)
- Ernie Ball German Silver Picky Picks Qty 6 (Purchased for approximately $5)
- David Holt Getting Started on 5 String Banjo DVD Set (Purchased for $20)
- David Holt Clawhammer Banjo The Basics and Beyond DVD Set (Purchased for $30)
- David Holt Clawhammer Repertoire and Techniques DVD Set (Purchased for $50)
- Dan Levenson Clawhammer Banjo fromm Scratch Book and DVD Set (Purchased for $40)
- Ken Perlman Clawhammer Style Banjo A Complete Guide for Beginning and Advanced Banjo Players Book and DVD Set (Purchased for $65)
- Wayne Erbsen Clawhammer Banjo for the Complete Ignoramous Book with CD (Purchased for $23)
- Wayne Erbsen Clawhammer Banjo Tunes, Tips, and Jamming Book with CD (Purchased for $25)
- Michael Bremmer Clawhammer Cookbook Book (Purchased for $17)
- Banjo for Dummies Book (Purchased for $17)
- Dwight Diller West Virginia Mountain Musician Book (Purchased for $35)
- Snark Super Tight Tuner (Purchased for $14)

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Price: $1,300.00 USD

Shipping: Buyer and Seller to Split Shipping Price

Posted By: Porch Sitter

United States, WI,

Condition of Banjo:

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Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Enoch

Ad Status: Active, #61710

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