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For Sale: Barry Sholder Gourd Banjo






I have available a 5 string Gourd Banjo made by Barry Sholder of Dallas Georgia. I purchased banjo within the last few months on an impulse. Banjo is like new and from a non smoking home. Barry calls this model a Plain Ole Gourdy and was built as a basic model. Curly Maple neck with an oak fingerboard, ebony nut and a hand rubbed finish. Banjo neck has frailing scoop and comes with a strap.The banjo head is a skin head and is fastened as a tackhead. Gourd measures 10" wide X 4 "s deep with a 1 1/2 inch sound port. Upon purchase I had Barry install geared tuners on all 5 strings to avoid the problems posed by friction tuners. I am absorbing the cost of the geared tuners, so buyer has the opportunity to buy a quality Gourd banjo with the convenience of geared tuners. The banjo has a deep voice and gives the musician a feel for what the original banjos were like when brought from Africa. Banjo is in like new condition as it has only been played a few times. I am selling it because I already have 2 other banjos of similar design 1 of which was made by Barry. Banjo is fret less has nylon strings.

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Price: $275.00 USD

Posted By: truenorth53

United States, WI,

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: Other

Brand: Barry Sholder

Ad Status: Active, #60819

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