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For Sale: Chuck Lee Custom Dobson 11-inch






Maple Pot with Dobson Tone Ring




Chuck Lee 11 Inch Custom Dobson

Purchased from Zepp Country Music, this one-off piece combines several "Dobson" features of Chuck's Cottonwood model with the peghead shape of a Lone Star Deluxe and the headstock inlay of an Ovilla. Chuck has used select maple for this banjo, so the neck is highly flamed.

This is one beautiful, great-sounding banjo.

This banjo was barely played for several months while taking lessons from Zepp, who has graciously offered a reference for the banjo.

-The peghead has the shape of the Lone Star Deluxe, but with the inlay of an Ovilla model in the ebony overlay.
-The banjo comes with a Renaissance brand head and an overtone-reducing, modified No-Knot tailpiece. The "seagull-scooped," ebony fingerboard has both offset position dots and side marker dots to help you find your way around.
-The thin, 11-inch pot is made of select maple, and houses a Dobson-style tone ring.
-The four long strings have Waverly brand planetary tuners; the 5th string is tuned with a 5-Star brand worm-and-pinion tuner.
-The instrument has a Dobson-style heel. The metal bits are nickel-plated. The 11-inch pot is made of select maple.
-The 3-piece neck of this banjo is predominantly flamed maple.
-Includes hardshell case.

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Price: $2,499.00 USD

Shipping: $99.00 Insured shipping to CONUS.

Posted By: crd

United States, NC,

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Mint Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Chuck Lee

Ad Status: Active, #54556

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