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For Sale: Deering Tenbrooks Saratoga Star (expired)








2005 Deering Saratoga Star Tenbrooks. This banjo is in mint condition! In 2005 I won the National Banjo Championship in Winfield, Kansas, and this beautiful banjo was my prize! I already have 2 other banjos, and find that I don't play this one much. In fact, I have not played it much since I won it in September, 2005. There are no scratches, dinks, or any other cosmetic flaws in the banjo. I have installed the Cheat-A-Keys which I like much better than the Keith Tuners (a $175 value), and will also throw in the strap (Anti-Gravity strap valued at $50). I've also put on a Snuffy Smith bridge. The banjo in the pictures is shown with a special armest that says Walnut Valley Festival 2005. I will take that one off as a momento of my championship, and put on a brand new nickel armest from Deering.

The banjo is a tank - extremely well built! It comes with the special Jens Kruger designed bronze tone ring produced in the oldest bell foundry in Europe. The tone is rich, with deep bass, and clear piercing highs. The intonation is true all the way up and down the neck. Right now the tone is set up to be a bit on the bright side. Here is the critical info from Deering: -

- Paramount peghead shape
- Tenbrooks Tone Ring
- One Piece Zinc flange
- Dark red mahogany stained curly maple neck and resonator
- Deep resonator is double bound with tapered sidewalls
- Ornate, elegant Art-nouveau style inlays on ebony fingerboard and peghead
- A special "V" shaped neck
- Two way adjustable truss rod
- 3-ply rock maple rim
- Deering Tailpiece, Tuners & Armrest
- Handmade in California, U.S.A.

The best price online for this banjo is $6566. I'm letting it go for $6,000 plus a $50 strap, and $175 cheat-a-keys, so basically I"m selling the banjo for $5,775.

Contact me for more info: Brian Anderson 209-586-4143

Price: $6,000.00 USD

Shipping: Approx. $50 - $75

Posted By: Brian D Anderson

Contact Info: Brian Anderson

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Mint Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Deering

Ad Status: Expired, #4997

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