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For Sale: Bill Evans Signature Kel KroydonŽ Banjo (expired)



Bill Evans Kel Kroydon Resonator


Bill Evans Kel Kroydon Engraved Hoop


Bill Evans Kel Kroydon Armrest Engraving Top


Bill Evans Kel Kroydon Full Front


Bill Evans Kel Kroydon Full Back


Bill Evans Engraved Armrest


Bill Evans Signature Label


Bill Evans Kel Kroydon Signature Block


Bill Evans Kel Kroydon Peghead

Bill Evans Signature Kel KroydonŽ Banjo

The Bill Evans Signature Series 5 String Kel KroydonŽ Banjo was designed for Bill’s personal use. Bills banjo combines the set-up knowledge of Charlie Cushman, the impeccable craftsmanship of Robin Smith along with the 20 Hole Dannick Tone Ring developed by Tom Mirisola. The Gold over Copper plating along with the San Francisco theme engraving design by Bill Evans and hand engraved by Nick Kimmons gives this banjo a classy West Coast look. The American Made Banjo Company is delighted to offer copies of Bills personal Kel KroydonŽ banjo for sale. Call to Order yours.

The Bill Evans Signature Banjo features:
Robin Smith Presentation Tiger Maple Neck
Gill Pre-war Style Maple Resonator
2 Way Truss Rod
W/B/W Binding
Rosewood Fretboard/Peghead Veneer
Standard Fret Wire
Hearts & Flowers Inlay Design
Bone Nut
Dannick 20 Hole Tone Ring
Gotoh Tuners
Geared 5th String Peg
.656 Timeless Bridge
Heartland 3 Ply Maple Rim
Old Gold Plated Hardware
Kel Kroydon Engraved Presto Tailpiece
Remo Head
American Made Co Cryogenic Strings
Stained Lacquer Finish
Hardshell Case
Lifetime Warranty
Set-Up by Charlie Cushman

The Style 10 and 11 Designs are Registered Trademarks of the American Made Banjo Company

Available Options:

Radius Neck

Allow 12-14 weeks for delivery from date of order

Price: $5,495.00 USD

Shipping: $95 Shipping via UPS to Lower 48, Outside USA call for rates

Posted By: AmericanMadeBanjo

United States, North Port, FL, 34290

Contact Info: For ordering information contact Tom Mirisola @ 1-339-219-3047 or PM us.

Condition of Banjo:

More Info on this Banjo

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Kel Kroydon

Ad Status: Expired, #40235

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