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For Sale: The Last Williams Kenny Ingram Banjo (sold)







Will Williams has asked me to act as his agent in selling a few banjos for him. First to go up for sale is the last Williams Kenny Ingram model banjo, number 22, which is actually the 25th KI banjo made. There will be no more of this model. The first three KI model banjos have no serial number and are owned by Kenny Ingram, Will Williams, and Raynae Redman, a member of Will's band, Gravel Road.
The Kenny Ingram model banjo was the brain child of Will, Kenny Ingram, and Jim Burlile, maker of the Burlile tone ring, widely reviewed as one of the best sounding tone rings ever made and equal if not superior to pre-war tone rings. The KI was always conceived to be a limited-production instrument, only 25 to be built.
This Williams Kenny Ingram model banjo is like-new but has been played some by Will, so he feels obliged to sell it as used. The price as new was $6,495.
The specs for this exquisite banjo are as follows:

Neck and resonator: select grade mahogany by Arthur Hatfield to specs from Will and Kenny Ingram; resonator is lined with poplar and the outside is inlaid with two white/black/white concentric rings
Stretcher band and bracket hooks: Prucha
Tailpiece: Presto style by Prucha
Flange: by Recording King (the same model Earl Scruggs has on his banjo)
Rim: Sullivan Old Factory Floor
Tone Ring: Burlile, unplated; Will Williams is now the only craftsman of banjos, other than Jim Burlile himself, who will be allowed to install Burlile tone rings in his banjos
Binding: white, on neck and resonator
Bridge: Wadsworth “old piano” wood
Tuning Machines: Bill Keith standard
Fifth string tuning machine: Schaller
Rosewood fretboard
Flying Eagle pattern mother-of-pearl inlay by Brian England, Nashville
Fifth string spikes at 7th and 9th frets
Double coordinator rods.
Custom Williams GHS strings set: 10, 11, 13, 20JDC, 10

Price: $5,000.00 USD

Shipping: shipping + insurance (if desired) not included in price

Posted By: Mitch Finley

United States, Whitebird, ID,

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Mint Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Williams

Ad Status: Sold, #24670

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