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For Sale: Ramsey Chanterelle Banjo (sold)


Rear shot of banjo


Rear of pot


Fifth fret carving


Fifth fret inlay


Peghead closeup


Front shot of banjo in case

Up for sale is a very nice example of a Ramsey 12" openback banjo. I've had several of these over the years, and I like this one very much. Only selling to raise money for home renovation cost overruns (I could buy several of these for what I'm spending on countertops).

I'm not sure exactly what model this is, but Mike's instruments tend to be individual. I'm calling it a "Special" after looking at the Ramsey and Zepp webpages for similar instruments. It has a nicely flamed two-piece maple neck, trademark "Saturn" headstock inlay, shooting star fifth-fret inlay and carved position dot markers. The pot is finished maple (not painted black) with a rolled brass tone ring. The neck has a nice carved fifth fret transition (see pictures). The tuners have nice imitation bone grips. The dowel stick is marked with Mike's Appomattox, VA nameplate, and is serial number 232 (stamped in the side of the dowel stick, so I couldn't get a good picture of it).

The banjo is set up with Savarez Yellow Card high-tension nylon strings and a Fiberskyn head. I did not modify the nut or bridge for the nylon strings, so you should be able to switch them out for your favorite steel strings without any problems. It will come in the case I got it with, which is a "Superior" brand hard-shell that is a bit big for the 12" pot (I think it is a resonator banjo case), but which works well enough. I will pad it well for shipping to prevent any movement in the case.

Thanks for looking. I will miss this instrument, but really want to get the house finished.

Price: $1,100.00 USD

Shipping: Ground shipping included in price; faster negotiable. Will hand deliver in the Louisville, KY area.

Posted By: tshall

United States, Highlands, Louisville, KY, 40205

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Ramsey

Ad Status: Sold, #23238

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