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For Sale: Vega Professional Plectrum Banjo (expired)


For Sale - Vega Professional with tubaphone tone ring -- 22 fret Plectrum Banjo with 8 tuning pegs, 2 nuts and bridges for either 4 or 8 string set up. I purchased this from luthier Vinny Mondello a few years ago and it is in Excellent condition as when I purchased it. 1968 Vintage (When Martin first took over Vega) and is constructed from originally Vega built parts made before Martin took over. Very Good Hard shell case. Great solo or dixieland banjo! Great volume resonator banjo with great tone due to the deep resonator set up (deeper than a Vega Vox which has the same tone ring. Interesting when played as 8 string -- I use it as a four string. High quality tuners and well done 8 string set up construction. Neck is straight and adjustable at peg head, Vega coordinator rods perfectly adjusted, great action, banjo plays well and easily, with new mylar head and new unworn frets. This is a nice clean professional and well set up instrument. An excellent vintage professional instrument for 1/3 the price of an average good new entry lower professional level instrument.

Price: $1,700.00 USD

Shipping: $65 continental USA, other locations subject to pricing

Posted By: jgrosser

United States, POB 97, Wiscasset, ME, 04578

Contact Info: Telephone 207 882-7753 to discuss or answer any questions.

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 4-String

Brand: Vega

Ad Status: Expired, #19822

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