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For Sale: Sullivan Terry Baucom Model - SOLD (sold)








Inside Resonator




Tail Piece


Fretboard and Inlay




Signature Block

Sullivan Terry Baucom Model in excellent condition.

This banjo is one of four Terry Baucom models (that I know of) in existance. It was featured in Terry's "Driving With the Duke" DVD. Serial # 0710-3. It's got a Factory Floor rim, Thunderbolt tone ring, mahogany neck and resonator. Brazilian rosewood fretboard, Snuffy Smith bridge (I replaced the original old growth bridge but still have it) and lower/wider frets (what Terry refers to as "speed frets" that were used on some banjos in the 60s).

This is my main banjo, It's been setup (multiple times) by Mike Munford. It's got huge tone, fairly low action and a wonderful slim feeling neck. There's some wear on the head and a bit of normal fret wear on the first 5 frets, but it's in immaculate condition otherwise.

To see a video of me playing it (poorly... sorry [and yappin too much]), check out the discussion URL link below
To see more info on the specs and origin of this banjo, check out the More Info URL link below from First Quality

Originally listed at $2,200
Reduced to $2,100 on 9/3
Reduced to $2,000 on 9/14
Reduced to $1,900 on 10/22

Price: $1,900.00 USD

Shipping: $50

Posted By: Banjov1

United States, Towson, MD,

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

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Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Sullivan

Ad Status: Sold, #16915

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