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For Sale: Long neck Banjo (expired)







This here long neck banjo I had assembled from parts.  I bought the parts and got the guy who made the pot, Dan Pennington, to assemble it for me.  It has dowel-stick construction.  She's a very purdy, sturdy and good sounding unit.  

        The neck is an extra long-scale, Asian made neck, which I bought on Ebay.  The neck is very nice and well made, although it's not factory perfect.  It's a 3-peice, maple and rosewood, with nicely done inlay and carved heel.  These necks have been known to warp sometimes because of the wood not being seasoned properly, but this one has not.  I've had it for two years, and through dry Canadian winters at that.  It's very stable.  
        The pot is a 12", block constructed, maple pot with a wooden, granadillo tone ring.  It's very well made.  It has an Elite amber head.
        The action is good when capoed at the third fret (G) and good when uncapoed. 
        This banjo is very bright and loud!  Brighter than my Whyte Layde.  It's also got some very nice woody sweetness to it.   I actually like to muffle the jangly tones a little with a piece of cloth between the dowel stick and head.   If it's too jangly for you, you can find, or make a bridge that will take those overtones out,  a heavy moon bridge would probably do it,  although a piece of cloth works perfectly and you can tweak it to exactly the right brightness if you're not too fussy about having a piece of cloth in there.
         The only thing I would have to complain about this banjo is that one of the tuners squeaks and makes an annoying sound when you turn it.   Other than that, she's a grand machine the way she is.  My asking price is reasonable, as I paid a lot more than that for the parts and to have it assembled.  Wish I could keep it, but I need the money badly!  


Price: $590.00 USD

Shipping: 60 or less

Posted By: AshraF

Canada, North Battleford, SK,

Contact Info:

I live in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. (306) 445-1588

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: N/A

Ad Status: Expired, #13586

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